Journal of Peptides

Journal of Peptides

Journal of Peptides (JOP) is a multidisciplinary open access journal that covers all aspects of peptide research. The journal is committed to fostering an understanding of the structure, biochemistry, and therapeutic potential of peptides and their roles in the development of novel therapeutic agents. Through advanced research and innovation, Journal of Peptides(JOP) seeks to contribute to the development of both scientific knowledge and clinical practice.  

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Journal of Peptides is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The "Journal of Peptides" is a leading scientific publication that serves as a focal point for cutting-edge research in the field of peptides. Covering a diverse range of topics related to peptide chemistry, biochemistry, Peptide Chemistry, Bioactive Peptides, Peptide Synthesis, Peptide Therapeutics, Peptidomics, Neuropeptides, Peptide Receptors. Journal contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge in this specialized area.


Journal of Peptides" is the unique platform for sharing your innovative research in the dynamic field of peptide science. To ensure a smooth and efficient submission process and maintain the highest standards of publication, please follow the page.

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The "Journal of Peptides" maintains a robust and thorough peer-review process to ensure the quality, accuracy, and significance of the published research.

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The "Journal of Peptides" is a premier scientific publication dedicated to advancing research and knowledge in the dynamic and interdisciplinary field of peptide science. With a commitment to excellence, the journal's aims and scope encompass a broad range of topics, providing a platform for scientists, researchers, and scholars to contribute to the evolving understanding of peptides.

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The "Journal of Peptides" expresses gratitude to its dedicated editors, whose expertise and constructive feedback contribute to maintaining the journal's commitment to excellence in the field of peptide science.

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Format your manuscript according to the guidelines outlined in the "Author Instructions" available on our journal page. Adhere to the specified structure, formatting, and citation style to enhance clarity and consistency.

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Peptides-Microbiology-AbdulMuhsin Shami

AbdulMuhsin Shami

Dep. Biotechnology, Institute For Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, ​U...

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Peptides-PCR-Yinghui Li

Yinghui Li

University of Rochester   UR · Center for Neural Developme...

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Peptides-Dr. Laura Zaccaro has gained expertise in :

 Design of peptides and peptidomimetics

 Synthesis of peptides-Laura Zaccaro

Laura Zaccaro

CNR. Istituto di Biostrutture e Bioimmagini, Italy.

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Peptides-Molecular Biology-Emilia Pedone

Emilia Pedone

Italian National Research Council,  CNR · Institute of Biost...

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