Open Access Pub initiated with an aim of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of Science and Technology using the concept of Open Access with the best system ever available along with retaining its Quality" -the main element.



✪ What is the main purpose of Open Access Pub?
Open Access Pub serves the purpose of publishing Open Access Peer Reviewed Online Scientific journals. It also provides platform and online publishing services for old/new open independent journals.

✪ What are the aspirations of Open Access Pub?
Our organization aspires for the benefit of both researchers and institutions in terms of acquiring knowledge which in turn benefits the nation and the society as a whole in which we are the part of. Ultimately being a cause for a win-win model for a good cause.

 What are the advantages of an Open Access model?
Open access is advantageous for everyone those who are involved directly and indirectly as well. Like Researchers, institutions, nations, society.

  • Researchers: Increased visibility, citation advantage, gain necessary information from other researchers, good usage of your work, increased impact factor.
  • Institutions: more knowledge to crunch upon, shares their research to more amateurs and scholars, invest for sole research, also available off campus and doesn't need a subscription.
  • Nation: proper investment of public money, every country can afford - equality of knowledge dispersion, developing nations can also participate equally, better returns on investments.
  • Society: Reap the rewards and benefits of the improved research by providing us with good outcome due to the rapid and free distribution of knowledge.
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✪ Why should I publish in Open Access Pub when there are so many established journals providing the open access benefits?
Firstly most of the established journals are partly open access and partly subscription based but we are completely open access based publishers. Though the concept of open access started a decade ago it is still struggling to make a way through. But we are implementing the concept successfully for all the benefits it carries. More over our peer review is of high quality and complete system is transparent.

✪ What are the technical benefits provided by Open Access Pub?
We have an expert technical staff who constantly be updated with the necessary techniques which is one of the main reasons of our technical success in this fast paced world. We provide language translation, digital articles, audio conversion, enhanced graphical representation, PDF conversion, Social networking, blogging benefits, Search engine optimization are some of them. You name it and we provide you .We are happy and ready to provide any other benefits you think we should provide you. Do contact us on this issue if you have any at ✉ [email protected] 

✪ What are the advantages if I publish with OAP?

  • Listed below are some of the advantages:
  • Rapid publication and free dissemination
  • Transparent peer-review
  • Cost Efficient
  • Advanced Manuscript Zone system which is very easy to manage
  • Creative Commons Copyright
  • Citation advantage acquired by using optimized technology

✪ Why is an author required to pay in open access model?
Open Access model requires the author to pay the costs of the review process, web publication and long term archiving via Service Charges. The following information provides the authors with the possibilities of service charges waivers or reductions.

✪ Why is the fee so low?
We are working for a cause and acquire fee only for the processing and not for the profit purpose. We are providing it for a lower cost for we would like you to publish with us for the purpose of spreading the knowledge rather than spend all your grants for publishing purposes. We are inviting everyone to work with us, know us, understand our motto and experience the rewards of advanced technologies without much pressure of cost on your side so that you'll not regret in having to choose, or to be with us.

✪ Who can publish in OAP?
Every researcher who has an outstanding novel genuine research paper of his own work can publish in Open Access Pub. Just check with the subject/journal availability. Do contact us if in doubt.

✪ Where can I find the Submission guidelines?
You can find the submission guidelines in Instructions for Authors page in the respective journals.

✪ Where can I find the information regarding the processing of manuscript?
You can find the information of the manuscript processing in the peer reviewyes page.

✪ How can I contact the editorial office?
Please go to the Contact page where you can find different ways to contact us. Choose the way you are comfortable with.

✪ What types of articles does Open Access Pub support?
Open Access Pub supports online publication of original research papers, reviews, letters, editorials and short communications

Which language manuscripts do you accept?
OAP accepts manuscripts only in English language but we provide translation to different languages thereafter upon your request.

How do I subscribe to the journal?
You don't need to subscribe to any of our journals. All articles in any journal are free. You just need to download to read the complete article.

✪ How can I use the downloaded article?
It can be used to build research, derive assesments, or any other way which is acceptable under the terms of the copyright.

✪ What are the copy right terms and policies?
Unless and until stated all our published articles are under the license of Creative Common attributes.

✪ I would like to suggest a new journal, Can I?
Yes, you can suggest a new journal we may consider the possibility of initiating a new journal in our upcoming journals.

 If a society / institution/individual own a non-open access journal and would like to convert it into an open access journal, is it possible?
Yes, you can convert the non-open access journal into an open access journal. As soon as you convert the journal, all the previous issues will be treated as open access issues. Your editorial board remains under your control we only provide platform and publication assistance.

✪ Where can I get the list of all the journals in OAP? (A-Z journal list)?
Go to all the journals page. Click here.yes

 How to find out if the particular journal exists?
You can use the search option provided in the page. It is at the top left corner in the home page or in the right below the banner in the journal pages.

✪ Can I start a new Open Access journal with you?
Yes, you can start a new open access journal with us. please visit Call for Proposals for more information.

✪ Why should I register?

  • Registering is simple and free.
  • All we need to know is your Name, e-mail address, and a username and password of your choice.
  • Registered users can access the advanced features of this site.
  • Your history is saved from session to session at this site.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to seasonal promotions and discounts.
  • Newsletters and latest news directly into your inbox.
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 What is Manuscript Zone? How does it work? What is its importance?
The Manuscript Zone is an interface between the authors,editors,reviewers and publisher as well. It improves the processing speed of the manuscript using the automatic mailing technology, stores the whole process online and conveys the updates from time to time. These are basic operations but we can perform many other operations which help us save a lot of time and effort. If you would like to know more about it Click here