International Journal of Human Anatomy

International Journal of Human Anatomy

The International Journal of Human Anatomy (IJHA) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to the study, research, and understanding of the human body. IJHA covers anatomy, gross anatomy, embryology and microanatomy, as well as pathological anatomy and physiology. The journal also ensures that all publications adhere to the latest standards of scientific accuracy, reliability, and validity.    

Note: An Article Processing Charge (APC) is levied to authors to make a research work available open access in International Journal of Human Anatomy.

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International Journal of Human Anatomy is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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No need to worry about where to submit your article. Our International Journal of Human Anatomy offers a prestigious platform for your work to be recognized and read by a global audience. Just focus on your research, and we'll handle the rest.


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International Journal of Human Anatomy publishes a wide array of articles, including original research, comprehensive review papers, and insightful case reports. Our journal covers various aspects of human anatomy, from microscopic cellular structures to macroscopic anatomical features. By offering open access to our content, we ensure that the knowledge we share is available to anyone interested in the field, without the barriers of subscription fees.


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We understand that authors have different preferences. That's why our journal offers three submission methods: offline (email), online (submission form), and the MZ portal. Each provides a smooth path for your article's submission.

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Each submission to the International Journal of Human Anatomy undergoes a stringent peer-review process, ensuring that only the highest quality research is published. Our editorial board comprises respected experts in the field of anatomy who are dedicated to maintaining the journal's standard of excellence.

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The timely publication of journal articles is dependent on the quality of the submission. Adherence to guidelines is essential for efficient processing, with articles typically being published within two weeks of submission when guidelines are followed.


A New Benchmark of International Journal of Human Anatomy: IJHA has achieved an impressive H-index of 4, according to the latest data. This significant milestone is a testament to the exceptional quality and influential nature of the research we publish. We are proud to continue our commitment to advancing the field of human anatomy through the dissemination of high-impact research.



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International Journal of Human Anatomy-Anatomy.-Yoshihiro Tsuruo

Yoshihiro Tsuruo

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Tokushima University Graduate School of...

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International Journal of Human Anatomy-Neuroanatomy-Randy Kulesza

Randy Kulesza

1858 West Grandview Blvd Erie, PA 16509 United States

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International Journal of Human Anatomy-Urological gross anatomy-Hayato Terayama

Hayato Terayama

143 Shimokasuya, Isehara-si, Kanagawa 259-1193.

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International Journal of Human Anatomy-reproductive system-Shaoping Huang

Shaoping Huang

Department of Human Anatomy and Neuroscience, Medical School, Southeast Univers...

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