Journal of Weather Changes

Journal of Weather Changes

The Journal of Weather Changes (JWC) is an open access scientific journal that publishes research on the world’s weather, climate, and environmental systems, both past and present. This peer-reviewed journal is designed to be a comprehensive source of information on climate change and its effects. By providing an international platform for both suggested and published research, JWC recognizes and encourages the need for global collaboration and understanding when it comes to weather, climate and environmental issues.

Note: An Article Processing Charge (APC) is levied to authors to make a research work available open access in Journal of Weather Changes.

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Journal of Weather Changes is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The Journal of Weather Changes serves as a premier platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research and insights into the dynamic and evolving fields of meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric sciences. Our journal is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of weather changes, climate variability, and their profound impacts on the natural environment and human societies.


Authors submit their manuscripts through our online submission system, adhering to the journal's guidelines and focusing on weather changes, climate variability, and related topics.

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The Journal of Weather Changes is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and scientific rigor. Our robust peer-review process ensures the quality, credibility, and relevance of the research we publish in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric sciences.

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Submit your articles in the scope of Hydrological Cycle Dynamics, Climate Policy and Governance, Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions, Remote Sensing Applications in Climate Science, Renewable Energy and Weather, Climate Adaptation and Resilience, Climate Variability Studies, Weather Forecasting Advancements, Climatological Data Analysis.

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Our Editorial Board plays a pivotal role in maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence, shaping the strategic direction of the journal, and ensuring the dissemination of impactful and innovative research.

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Navigate through articles addressing extreme weather events, including floods, storms, and wildfires, analyzing their frequency, intensity, and associated risks.



Editorial Board

Weather Changes-Marine Sciences-Noor Apandi Osnin

Noor Apandi Osnin

78, Ss3/44, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor.

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Weather Changes-Geochemistry-Iyad Abboud

Iyad Abboud

Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences, Taibah University -“ Yanbu"...

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Weather Changes-Remote sensing of air pollution-Sourangsu Chowdhury

Sourangsu Chowdhury

University Hall, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, ...

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Weather Changes-Atmospheric Dynamics-Niranjan Kumar Kondapalli

Niranjan Kumar Kondapalli

Atmosphere and Ocean Reseach Institute (AORI) The University of Tokyo, Japan....

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