Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics

Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics

Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics (JIG) is a prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to the understanding and advancement of immunological, geriatric, and related topics in health care. JIG publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies covering topics such as aging, immunotherapy, infectious diseases, regenerative medicine, cancer, and other areas of immunology that have relevance to geriatrics. The objective of JIG is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, clinical observations.

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Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics stands at the forefront of scientific exploration, focusing on the intricate interplay between the aging process and the immune system. As a peer-reviewed publication, our journal is committed to disseminating high-impact research, reviews, and advancements in the realms of immunology and geriatrics.


Thank you for considering the Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics as the platform for sharing your groundbreaking research at the intersection of aging and immune response. We welcome manuscript submissions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners dedicated to advancing knowledge in immunology and geriatrics.

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We uphold a robust and rigorous peer review process to ensure the publication of high-quality, impactful research at the intersection of aging and immune response. Our commitment to scholarly excellence relies on the expertise and insights of qualified reviewers who evaluate each manuscript submitted to the journal.

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Discover the comprehensive aims and scope of the Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics, outlining the breadth of topics covered and the overarching goals of our publication.

The scope of the Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics encompasses, but is not limited to: Immunosenescence and inflammaging, Vaccines for geriatric populations, Immunotherapies for age-related diseases, Age-related changes in immune cells and functions, Infectious diseases in older adults, Immunomodulation and longevity, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of age-related immune decline, Translational research connecting laboratory findings to clinical applications, Impact of comorbidities on immune response in aging.

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The Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics is proud to be guided by a distinguished Editorial Board comprising leading experts in the fields of immunology and geriatrics. Our Editorial Board members play a crucial role in shaping the vision and direction of the journal, ensuring the publication of cutting-edge research at the intersection of aging and immune response.

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The Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics is proud to maintain a comprehensive archives section that serves as a rich repository of valuable scientific contributions at the intersection of immunology and geriatrics.



Editorial Board

Immunology and Geriatrics-His principal area of research is the study of the molecular mechanisms of immune responses to psychological stress.-Lianbin Xiang

Lianbin Xiang

N416, 2500 N State St., Jackson, MS 39216, United States.

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Immunology and Geriatrics-Epigenomics and pharmacogenomics in anti-cancer chemotherapy (Epi)Genetics and (epi)genomics for cancers and complex diseases
-Shiwei Duan

Shiwei Duan

818 Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, 315211...

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Immunology and Geriatrics-Regulation of immune response in the elderly-Yuksel Aydar

Yuksel Aydar

Department of Anatomy,  Medical School of Eskisehir, Osmangazi University...

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Immunology and Geriatrics-Molecular correlates of Immune response-Dhaarini Murugan

Dhaarini Murugan

930, SW Gibbs street,  Apt# 12,  OR 97239, Portland, United States...

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